Terms & conditions

Retainer Policy

Any money submitted to MSM will be deposited into our bank account immediately. The funds are not considered “applied” until such time as work has begun. Any monies that have been on deposit (but not yet applied) for longer than 3 years shall be considered the property of MSM. If work is to resume on your case after 3 years of inactivity, money previously paid to MSM shall be credited to your account and shall be applied as necessary. These monies are not subject to refund, but do stay on deposit to be applied as appropriate.

All files 3 years or older will be destroyed by our professional document shredding service at our discretion. If you request additional work after the 3 year period, you may have to re-submit documentation in order to process your request. Please contact us for further information regarding your situation.

Jointly Retained Policy

For all cases in which MSM is a Joint Expert or Jointly Retained, all communication must include both attorneys of record or both parties if Self Represented. Our office will not be able to communicate with only one side without the written consent of the opposing party. MSM is considered a Joint Expert or Jointly Retained if we are named in the Judgment/Marital Settlement Agreement or if our fees are being shared.

Attorney Fees Policy

MSM is not responsible for any attorneys fees that are associated with the preparation of the QDRO or filing the QDRO with the court. Any client that retains an attorney to help with the preparation of the QDRO, takes their attorney fees fully on themselves.