Moon, Schwartz & Madden, is a valuation consulting firm that specializes in assisting individuals, family law attorneys and their clients in dividing the community property interest in retirement benefits. MSM is not a law firm, and therefore cannot provide legal advice of any kind to our clients, but we are considered experts by the court in the valuation and division of retirement benefits in divorce. We provide a clear and accurate understanding of how the community property interest is defined and divided in the State of California.

Formerly Eric J. Moon & Associates, MSM is a small local actuarial consulting company founded in 1987 by Eric Moon. Mr. Schwartz joined the company in 1996 after earning his Bachelors Degree in Mathematics and Actuarial Studies. Mr. Madden began working with the firm in 1999 after earning his Bachelors Degree in Finance followed by five years as a market maker in equity stock options on the Philadelphia and San Francisco Stock Exchanges.  In 2004 Mr. Schwartz and Mr. Madden began a formal partnership and the name was changed to Moon, Schwartz & Madden. The firm has enjoyed steady growth over the last 15 years and added an additional consultant, Mr. Evans, in 2014.