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Chapter 7 Lawyer TriCities

If you are close to filing bankruptcy, you may find that working with a lawyer will get you the best results. Many people are unaware of the right way to navigate the process to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Taking the time to look for an experienced, reputable Chapter 7 lawyer in the TriCities will help you to know that you will have the right person representing you.

A significant part of locating a good bankruptcy lawyer is understanding what qualities they should possess. After you know what to look for, it will be easier for you to ask the appropriate questions and make your selection. Prior to meeting with a Chapter 7 lawyer in the TriCities, these are some things to look for: 


You should always have a lawyer with plenty of experience in the field of bankruptcy law. Ask about all of the different types of cases that they have handled and how comfortable they are with taking on your case. There are some attorneys that will prefer only Chapter 7 cases while there are others that may only limit their practice to cases involving Chapter 13. Some law firms will take a mixture of both, but there will always be some that may not take any Chapter 11 cases at all due to the overall complexity. Ultimately, it is imperative that you select an attorney that will handle the type of case that you are intending on filing. 

Reasonable Fees 

Even before you make an appointment, you will want to see what the lawyer is looking to charge for your Chapter 7 case. You need to know that cheaper is not always going to be better when it comes to law practice, and you never want to have anyone that will be cutting corners in any way. By the same token, there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good deal if you happen to have a case that is rather simple. 


Taking a look at bankruptcy law, you will be better choosing a seasoned professional rather than going with someone right out of law school that has not had the chance to file many cases. There are a lot of working parts with any bankruptcy filing, so competency is critical, and errors are rather costly. It is always best to find an experienced lawyer that has the ability to take on all of the twists and turns that such a filing can bring. This is when it is always good to ask around to see if you can get some referrals or recommendations from people you know that have been through the process. 

We are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have here at VanderBroek Law PLLC. We are the right team in the area when you know that you need a competent, reliable, and fair-priced Chapter 7 lawyer in the TriCities. If you would like to ask a few questions or set up a time for a consultation regarding your case, simply give us a call at (616) 607-7522, and we will be available to take your call!

Chapter 7 Lawyer TriCities

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