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As QDRO experts, Moon, Schwartz, & Madden can provide you and your legal team the information necessary to evaluate and divide divorce property fairly. Our expertise in retirement benefits valuations and QDRO drafting makes us the best choice when dividing property; we draft QDROs for clients in all 50 states.

QDRO Process

The QDRO process requires the services of an experienced retirement valuation and division specialist. If you've been ordered by a court to evaluate and divide assets, Moon, Schwartz, & Madden can provide a QDRO for life insurance benefits, property, retirement benefits, monthly income, and more.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Moon, Schwartz, & Madden can complete your Qualified Domestic Relations Order to ensure an accurate valuation and fair division of property and assets. QDRO drafting is one of the most common reasons we are contacted by clients in the course of divorce. Call our office and let us know how we can help.

Pension Valuation

When you need to hire an expert in pension valuation, consider making a phone call to Moon, Schwartz, & Madden. We provide tracing services to ensure the most reliable results for our clients in the process of divorce. Call our helpline if you wish to schedule a consultation with our team or check out free resources on our website.

Pension Plan Valuation

Contact the pros from Moon, Schwartz, & Madden regarding your pension plan valuation; we understand the need for an accurate assessment of future retirement finances in regards to the division of assets. QDRO drafting just happens to be one of our specialty services for clients walking through divorce.

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