We accept Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders made payable to Moon, Schwartz & Madden.

Convenience fee waived for check or money order payment. Drop offs not accepted.

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Defined Benefit Plans:  $575 - $650 (depending on plan)

Life Insurance QDROs:  $575

Defined Contribution Plans & IRAs:  $525 (excluding calculations) 

2-in-1 orders (when allowed by plan administrator):  $685

QDRO Review:  $325

Rush fee:  Additional $100 per plan. Rush processing time is 5 business days from the date the case is assigned to one of our experts. Standard processing is 3-4 weeks. 

What’s included in our flat rate service:

(Q)DRO:  MSM will provide the draft court order which will include all provisions required by the plan administrator to divide the community property interest in the retirement plan.  The order will also include all necessary provisions to ensure an equal division of the community property interest pursuant to California Family Law Code.  Please note, our office does not disburse funds, that will be done by the plan administrator. 


Pension Valuations:  $325 per plan

Tracing of Defined Contribution Plans:  $325/hr

Rush fee:  additional $100 per plan 

In House appointment:  $325/hr, minimum of $162.50


Court Appearance:

$375/hr - Appearance fee will be based on round trip from the nearest MSM office location to the courthouse. 

What’s included in our flat rate service:

MSM will provide a written, professional report outlining the present value of the community property interest in your defined benefit plan and/or defined contribution plan.  The report will include all information and assumptions used in our calculations, including the final average salary, discount interest rate, pre-retirement growth factor (if any), and post-retirement cost-of-living-adjustment (if any).